Online Chat: 

Sometimes you just have a quick question or issue you want to resolve or need to check something you have been told.  Just click on the button " I want to Skype" at the bottom of this page and let us know who you are and what you would like to talk about, be sure to include your Skype Address.  We will send you an invite to connect via Skype and be in touch to arrange a time to chat with Dave Thomas.  Dave will provide an obligation free response to whatever is on your mind.  Note our advice will be general in nature, but with intent to help you resolve your question and from there you will know whether or not you need to seek more formal personalised advise. If you do need personalised advice then our Online Advice service is perfect for those where it is not convenient to meet in person or who prefer an online experience.

Online Advice:

You have an issue you know you need to resolve and wish to talk to someone who can help. Dave Thomas who is an Authorised Financial Adviser is available online to help.  A one hour meeting via Skype to help identify what is currently on your mind and what you need or would like to achieve ending with a summary of advice to help you make some important decisions about the future.  A fee of $100+gst is payable for this online no obligation meeting.  If you would like a written Statement of Advice we can provide this for an additional fee which we can advise at the end of our meeting.  You are free to act on that advice independently thereafter or come back to us if you wish us to design a tailor made solution which we can implement for you. 

Note that Dave can provide his Adviser Disclosure Document on request at any time and will forward it to you in response to your email request for a meeting. Please also note that while Dave has an extensive background and experience in Financial Services he does not pretend to know everything so please do not be offended if he advises he is unable to assist with your request for help.  He may however be able to direct you to someone more appropriate to assist you.